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Of course many tradespeople feel they can't allocate the time to do certain tasks. This is understandable and is a job you really don't need to do. Talk to us we can save you time, stress and money. No more missed deadlines.
No more penalties.

Invoicing your customers

Do your need to send a customer or contractor a business invoice in your trading name occasionally? We can help. We do that for you or train you how to. Just need to send 1 or 2 then let us do that for you without all the hassle.

Bookkeeping and records

If bookkeeping is tedious, boring or confusing then perhaps you should let us do this or recommend a suitable solution you can manage. You should always focus on the areas you excel and outsource awkward or tedious tasks to others.

Help with VAT & Making Tax Digital (MTD)

As with bookkeeping, VAT can be very confusing for most and now there is Making Tax Digital to get to grips with. If keeping proper records is not something you enjoy, let us help you out until you learn or can afford a full-time employee to do this for you.

Paying Staff and doing wages

Just like bookkeeping and VAT recording processes, wages requires time set aside every week to prepare payslips and CIS net payment vouchers. HM Revenue & Customs requirements for returns are quite onerous and must be done without fail. A missed return will get you a £100 penalty which is clearly not cost efficient use of your time.

Working out Construction Industry Payments (CIS)

Again Construction Industry Scheme requirements are quite rigid and every month contractors and subcontractors get into trouble for not completing returns not making payments or just not preparing and keeping the correct records. For a small cost we can take this trouble and stress away so you can focus on other matters at hand.

Avoid Penalties talk to us today 07521 200 526

We all need protection against mistakes and hiccups. It is famously said, "The man who made no mistakes, made nothing". Part and parcel of working in business that things can go wrong and it's good to have a way around it.

Once you are trading for yourself you should have Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity. If you have any employees or subcontractors ensure you have Employer's Liability Insurance. 

Which ones you really do need, which ones you don't? 

Most importantly you should have personal insurances to provide income in times of accident or sickness and long term illnesses. You may already have some of these provisions but we remind you to review them regularly.

We can guide you on the correct insurances for you and your business. As your needs will change you may find yourself paying for something you are unable to claim on. Think of the PPI fiasco where many took and paid (especially self-employed) for insurance they could never qualify for a claim. One of our colleagues is a fully qualified financial adviser of over 30 years experience who will happily advise on your relevant needs. 

Social Security Benefits - which ones can you get and when?

Are there any benefits you can claim when starting self-employment? Are there start-up grants, loans or regular support? What about when you are sick, how much help financially can you actually get? One of our team provides advice of Social Security Benefits. Benefits will depend on your current circumstances and family situation.

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Business Support Solutions provide a range of outsourced services for small businesses, New start-ups, Subcontractors and Main contractors.. 

During the initial phase of a business it is most important to focus on your key skills such as selling or marketing; to get more work that is. Paperwork, taxation and admin is not really so important. At Business Support Solutions we recognise this and offer solutions to help you achieve your goals quicker and more cost effectively.

EXAMPLE: If you are a joiner subcontractor you are good at joinery or should be. But you will find yourself struggling invoicing customers, keeping HMRC payroll requirements or doing accounts and VAT. You didn't go into business to be an administrator. That's were we come in. Business Support Solutions handles this type of work every week for small traders no matter what they do.

If you would like a confidential chat about how we might save you time, energy and money. Call us now. 07521 200 526 

Our customers are always surprised how little it costs to get these jobs done professionally and efficiently. Some have commented on how their customers now view them more professional than their competitors.It is all down to your perspective and how you value your time.

So do you need some business support? 

How do prefer to spend your time?

Speak to us now 07521 200 526 to find out how we can help you and your business.

  • Invoicing your clients on your behalf
  • Bookkeeping and keeping records
  • Help with VAT & Making Tax Digital
  • Paying Staff and doing wages
  • Working out CIS (Subbies) payments

Training. Initially we all need help in business but sometimes it's just where can we yet certain training for a specific skill or task. For others it's a case of brushing up on the changes or new legislation.

We provide a wide range of support services. We also provide training on the same services so you or a member of your staff can do these tasks yourself.

  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Payroll & Salaries
  • Company House Submissions
  • Tax Returns
  • Office Etiquette
  • Telephone Answering
  • TeleMarketing
  • the list is endless... just ask. 07521 200 526
As a subcontractor I had no idea about taking on subbies myself. Chris set me up, registered the guys and even did the invoicing to the Main Contractors each week. This meant I was paid weekly. He even dealt with the Irish Revenue. I don't know how he did it. And easy to pay!
Jason & the boys.
I spoke to Business Support about finding premises because I was going out on my own, I thought it best to get guidance.
I am really glad I did. I nearly signed a lease that I couldn't really afford.
By waiting just a few more days the perfect location came up, at a realistic rent. They have helped me with other things and advice as well.
Well worth the initial chat. I can highly recommend them.
Hayley McM.

Business Networking

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If you would like to attend a local business networking event to meet like minded business people then send us a txt 07521 200 526 with your name & email. We'll get in touch asap to confirm your interest. 

Groups. If you would like one of us to come along and speak to your group, please get in contact and we will be delighted to assist where we can.


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